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September 20th, 2015:
Post #187: Yet Another Reboot -- Dear Alice, My site went down for a bit, out of neglect. Now, the "new" rule for websites is that their registration details (like the o now when you Google my name, it doesn't even show up on the first page! There goes all my "hard earned" Google r... Read more

February 3rd, 2015:
Post #186: Intended Hiatus -- Dear Alice, I'm off work. I'm off work. I'm off work. It's nice to be free, it really is. Much better than what I was feeling, which was "no motivation and feeling hopeless to recultivate any". Now, I've got the room, and while the motivation is sti... Read more

June 7th, 2014:
Post #185: Accidental hiatus -- Dear Alice, I'm sorry I haven't written you in a while. I blame it mostly on work, as usual (sorry: broken record) but if ever I should be allowed to complain about it, this time is legit! What an eye-opener! They aren't joking when they say that "W... Read more

January 14th, 2014:
Post #184: Time off, how I missed thee -- Dear Alice, I just had a week off work, and I forgot how much I enjoy not working. :) I don't know how we do normally, to be honest. There's no time to compress: we work for 8 hrs a day, we commute for 1-2 hrs, we take ~1 hr to get ready for work. ... Read more